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Yellow Bridgestone (イエロー・ブリジストン Ierō Burijisutonˆ) the "Yellow Bullets of Joy" ("幸せの黄色い弾丸" "Shiawa no Kīroi Dangan") is a Rainbow officer of The Organization. He is the younger twin brother of Aiji Ishibashi.

"Yellow Bridgestone" is a false name - it is unknown what his real name is.


Bridgestone has blond hair and blue eyes. Unlike his older brother (who is Japanese), Bridgestone is Caucasian. He wears a baseball cap, and dresses in a 'typically American style.'


Bridgestone is a belligerent man - hot-headed and prone to getting in fights. He can be very flippant - especially when it comes to the lives of people he does not care about.

Still, he has somewhat of a romantic side - he will flirt with women at their first encounter.

He and his brother Aiji argue constantly, but both have a mutual respect for Gerhardt von Waldstein (perhaps because Gerhardt saved their lives when they were boys).

In a conversation with Watt Stalf, Bridgestone says that he has a bit of a complex with being compared to his brother.

He speaks in a casual tone.


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He specializes in bat projectiles. To specify: he has a plastic handgun, with which he shoots bats (parts of his own body) at his target. These bats are highly dangerous - they compress their bodies to their upmost limit, spinning their entire bodies as they move to "drill through air and flesh."

They will bore through flesh and leave clean holes through the body. When Bridgestone shoots his bats at one of Zygmunt Kiparis' Branches, the bats eat through the Branch's form entirely - not even the bones are left.

Bridgestone can also turn himself into a gigantic singular bat, and launch into the direction of his choosing. In this form, he can travel with the force of a cannonball and the sharpness of a bullet.


  • He likes teriyaki burgers.
  • From his argument with his brother in Vamp! II, it can be inferred...
    • ...That he likes boxing; ("Boxing: the sport of men. Am I right?")
    • ...That he prefers a dinner to a shower (perhaps he means he prefers eating dinner first and then having a shower?)
    • That he likes cats more than dogs.