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PSA on personal status from May through July 2020: The first draft of my Master's thesis is due mid-May, and the final version in early July. I will still be monitoring wikis I contribute to throughout this period, and edit where I can, but please be aware that my thesis 'crunch time' will need to be prioritized over my 'wiki time', i.e. that my wiki activities will be impacted across the board during these next two weeks and two months.

Hello! I'm known as Rev around here. I'm a sysop of the Baccano! Wiki, and the founder of the Etsusa Bridge and Dead Mount Death Play Wikis. I also contribute to the Durarara!! Wiki here and there, out of that good ol' Naritaverse solidarity. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. The Vamp! Wiki itself still has a long way to go, but not not as long as Vamp! VI does. Seven years of hiatus hell and counting.

  • I honestly find Watt Stalf one of the most fascinating characters in the Naritaverse.
  • If you ask me who my other favorites are I'm going to rattle off 90% of the cast, sorry in advance. Shout-out to Bridgestone, Doubs, Michael, and Pirie though. And Dorrikey. And Gerhardt. And – ah, see, what did I tell you? What did I tell you?
  • That being said, The Blue-Haired Werewolf is a lovely person and I can't believe he doesn't have a name yet.
  • Further shoutout to Shizune not as a favorite character, but as a fantastic female character/antagonist.

Notes to Self:

Link colors:

  • Original link color hex code: #8a0093 (color used since wiki founding)
    • It occurred to me not long after I chose this link color, in the beginning, that somewhat dark purple text is not the easiest to read on a black background. However, as it wasn't unreadable, I let it be. Years on, though, I may be finally conceding I should change it to a lighter hue.
  • Potential replacement as of April 14, 2020: #9982a5