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[ How do you feel about these beings known as vampires? Fear? Hatred? Or perhaps a sense of curiosity or reverence you might reserve for creatures of legend. But if you expect such mythical exploits of my son, I'm afraid you will be rather disappointed. After all, Relic is much too gentle a boy to be anything but himself. ]

Gerhardt von Waldstein, addressing the reader, Vamp!

Lord Relic von Waldstein (レリック・フォン・バルシュタイン Rerikku fon Barushutain) is the current Lord and Master of Waldstein Castle, succeeding his adoptive father Gerhardt von Waldstein.

He and his younger twin sister Ferret von Waldstein were seized by The Organization and experimented on by Melhilm Herzog after their parents (also experimented upon by Melhilm) were killed. The Organization planned to make Relic a relict - to make him the ultimate vampire without any weaknesses, which they intended to shunt off to Ferret.

Their plans went awry. While Relic did indeed inherit numerous extraordinarily powerful abilities, he at the same time inherited the numerous vampiric weaknesses that had been intended for Ferret.

The siblings were rescued and raised by Gerhardt at Waldstein Castle on the island of Growerth. There, they befriended the human siblings Hilda and Michael Dietrich during their childhoods, and Relic and Hilda eventually became romantically involved.

Relic took over as Lord upon his father's request in 2005. Half a year later, he nearly obliterates the planet in his grief over Hilda's apparent death - though he is successfully stopped by Watt Stalf.

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