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Pamela D. Rosskleim (パメラ・D・ロスクライム Pamera D. Rosukuraimu) was once a human before she was turned by Dimguil Sunford. Despite her human origins, she despises humans and refuses to speak of her human past.

She is devoted to the Sunford Clan and to Dimguil above all else.


Pamela has red hair and abnormally pale skin. She wears a black dress with a flashy, revealing design. She normally wears a black blindfold despite the fact that her vision is perfectly fine (see Personality). She has black leather straps bound around her arms and legs.

She looks to be around sixteen years old.

When she transforms into a flock of bats, the bats fly in a perfect cubic formation.


Pamela is an unrepentant elitist and classist, who views all humans and all non-Sunford vampires as lower creatures. This is why she wears a blindfold - there are 'far too many things' not "fit to be seen by one's eyes." Only things that are borne of the Sunford bloodline are worth her looking at.

It is therefore very rare for her to uncover her eyes in order to look at a non-Sunford figure. She has only done this once in the series - when she acknowledges Relic von Waldstein as a worthy enemy, she uncovers her eyes so that his form can be 'engraved' into her memory as proof of her respect.

Although she is normally every form of haughty and condescending, she types a little like a typical teenager might when conversing with Dimguil via phone.

She is devoted to Dimguil.


  • She ingests almost nothing but human blood.
  • Her phone is of Nebula make.
  • She shares a first name with Pamela, a character from Baccano! (another light novel series by Ryohgo Narita). There is no known connection between the two.