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Melhilm Herzog (メルヒルム・ヘルツォーク Meruhirumu Herutsōku) the "Violet Sage" (紫識者 Murasaki Shikisha) is a Rainbow officer of The Organization, and a scientist who has experimented on test subjects for centuries in the hopes of creating a 'perfect vampire.'


Melhilm has long blond hair and pointed ears, and wears a long violet coat. His bats have the unique characteristic of sporting human eyes.


Melhilm is an impatient man who is quick to deem his experiments failures if they do not meet his expectations promptly. Though he has little regard for the feelings of his experiments and often speaks impassively, he is not without emotional range; he is genuinely terrified when Shizune Kijima hunts him down (an incident which has left him partially traumatized), and takes sincere pleasure in seeking revenge against her.


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  • His moniker, the "Violet Sage" was created by Aiji Ishibashi. It is a pun in Japanese (it reads Murasaki Shikisha, a reference to The Tales of Genji author Murasaki Shikibu), but Melhilm is unaware of this despite being fluent in Japanese. If he knew that his moniker was a pun, he would be furious.
  • He enjoys blood.