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Laetitia Gitarin Aztanduja (ラティーシャ・ギータルリン・アズタンドゥーヤ Ratīsha Gītarurin Azutandūya) the "Orange Magic Lantern" (幻橙機 Maboroshi Daidai Ki) is one of the founding members and a Rainbow officer of The Organization.


She looks around twenty years old (though she is actually centuries old) with youthful features and has short hair. She dresses like a military officer.


She is a 'villainous woman' who likes watching others suffer up close. It might be accurate to say that she is the living embodiment of schadenfreude.

In contrast to her stony visage and love of others' pain, she cannot resist sweets, and suffers from chronic dental cavities despite her regenerative abilities (which for some odd reason don't seem to affect her teeth).


  • Likes gum syrup, and military uniforms.
  • She has a hobby of adopting humans as her children. She has dozens of adopted sons and daughters around the world.
    • It is possible that Gitarin from Ryohgo Narita's light novel series Etsusa Bridge is one of her adopted children, or otherwise related to her. While the name is the obvious connection, his penchant for long names and aspects of his personality are reminiscent of Laetitia.