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Viscount Gerhardt von Waldstein (ゲルハルト・フォン・バルシュタイン Geruharuto fon Barushutain) the "Red Pool of Blood" (赤き血潮 Akaki Chishio) is one of the founders of The Organization and its current chairman. He was the Lord of Waldstein Castle until he passed the title down to his adopted son Relic von Waldstein.

Originally a human born centuries prior to the start of the series, Gerhardt was turned into a vampire when he was a young man and would go on to found the Organization. His subsequent research into a way to vanquish vampiric weaknesses culminated with a special bacteria that he injected into his bloodstream, thus shedding his humanoid form for that of a pool of blood.


Gerhardt's current form is that of a pool of blood. He communicates with others by forming his 'body' into diagrams and words, the latter of which take on different fonts and sizes to reflect his emotions.


Above all else, Gerhardt is a gentleman. He believes in courtesy, is always considerate of others—even those who intend him harm—and would much rather use words rather than weapons to resolve conflicts. As Watt Stalf points out to Relic: "You know what? Your old man—he'd have avoided a fight. But whether things worked out or not, he'd have negotiated with everything he had."

Still, Gerhardt has described himself as a coward. He says he has no need for 'unwarranted' power; as long as he has enough to protect those dear to him, he will be satisfied.

Along with being a terrible liar, Gerhardt is highly emotional and sympathetic toward friend and foe alike. He genuinely admires the good qualities of Watt and Shizune Kijima, loves and is proud of his adopted children and fiancée, and is often delighted by the simplest of gifts or presents.

When not busy with work, Gerhardt often indulges in his video game hobby and can be found playing anything from handheld-based games to online massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs).


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  • The Seven Seas blurb for Vamp! on its website spelled Gerhardt's name as Gerhart von Valstein.[1]
  • Gerhardt narrates a three minute long advertisement for Vamp! as featured on the first Baccano! audio drama. The advertisement track is the sixteenth track of Disc Two.
  • Gerhardt is, along with Celty Sturluson, one of two Naritaverse characters to be featured on a joker card in the specialty playing card set accompanying the first Baccano! audio drama. The rest of the cards in the set all feature Baccano! characters. Gerhardt's card may be found here.
  • Gerhardt appears in Ending 21 of the Baccano! NDS game.