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A dhampyr is a being of human and vampire descent. In the eyes of the Clans, they are viewed with disdain due to their mixed heritage.

Most dhampyr are incapable of wielding vampiric abilities their entire lives. At most, they might have slight superhuman strength and regenerative abilities. It is implied that they also have a shorter lifespan compared to pureblooded vampires - though still longer than a typical human lifespan. However, unlike most vampires dhampyrs are immune to sunlight thanks to their human heritage.

A dhampyr can obtain vampiric abilities and become stronger if they drink the blood of an Eater who has recently devoured a vampire - as shown with the case of the dhampyr Watt Stalf, who drank the blood of the then-Eater Shizune Kijima whenever she had consumed her prey. In his childhood, Watt only had slight superhuman strength to his name (and regenerative abilities). Through drinking Shizune's blood, he became able to transform parts of his body into bats and separate his heart from his body, among other powers.


  • The character Ruri Hijiribe from Ryohgo Narita's light novel series Durarara!! (which is set in the same universe as Vamp!) is 1/4 dhampyr (through her grandmother). She has enhanced strength, speed, and endurance as well as regenerative abilities.
  • It is not quite clear what the relation between a dhampyr and their soul is. In the Naritaverse, a vampire has complete control over their soul.